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We can also plate in various finishes and in chrome, copper, nickel, or silver.

We will plate your small personal items or we will meet your industrial sized chrome plating needs.
We have plated tools, watches and jewellery of all types. Plating car parts, taps, plugs, shower trays and light fittings are very popular.
Don’t worry about the size of the object, there’s always a way. Industrial requirements can also be handled.

If you just want to talk over your project and discuss what can be done, just give us a call. We are quite happy to give you advice on what is the best approach for your particular job. In the unlikely event that we can’t help you , we will point you in the right direction.

A typical turn round for a job is 7 days (a faster service will be given where possible).

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  • Angelo "I had my watch strap re-plated and I was very happy with the job that GoldenLux carried out for me. Good job and really good value. Happy."
  • LLoyd "Found a one off silver ring inset with stones and got it gold plated by GoldenLux. Great service, very quick, and a really nice, quality finish that completely elevated the ring. A good service with a competitive price means I will be coming back! Thanks GoldenLux.
  • Richard van Engeem - "A first class job.I am sending more items for gold plating.5*****"

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Ethical Gold Mining

We think it is possible to provide guilt free luxury with gold. That means we search for providers who share these values. We are making every effort to source gold that is fairly traded. This means that miners receive a reasonable price for their products and that workers are paid above the regional minimum wage. Child labour, forced labour and exploitative practices have to not be made use of anywhere in the process of mining, refining and trading the gold. If we discover otherwise we will not make use of the product in our business or when gold electroplating your products. What others have to say

What Is Gold Electroplating?

Gold electroplating is the process of adding a thin layer of gold to an original metal, and in many cases plastics, in order to provide that metal a gold-like appearance. This layer is extremely thin, just enough to cover all exposed surfaces of the original metal or plastic. It is typically made use of in jewellery plating however almost anything can be gold plated. The main benefit of gold plating for jewellery is that it provides the look of gold, however without the cost. In jewellery, gold plating is extremely frequently used in plating over silver. It is not just for jewellery. Gold electroplating is commonly connected with electronic devices; it is done for better conductivity and resistance to abrasion and wear. This is done by putting the item being plated, the cathode, into a gold plating solution and using a direct current through it. Due it being such a soft metal and the fact that the gold plated layer is almost always very thin there will likely be a time when the plating becomes worn through in places. Jewellery, particularly those pieces used daily, tends to take a significant amount of abuse. Plating of plastics can also be done in a many cases; you will often see gold plated games stations. This is achieved by first coating the item in a special conducting paint and then finally plating onto this conductive surface.. Learn more

Advantages of Gold Plating

One of this metals greatest advantages is its non-reactive nature. Because of this, gold is immune to corrosion or being damaged by exposure to acids or other chemicals. This can be especially important for chemical or medical test equipment, where the non-reactive nature of gold plated components can ensure accurate test results. It will also help to protect old and precious objects especially silver ones that are much more susceptible to tarnish and chemical attack. When bonded with cobalt, the result is a wear-resistant material. These advantages make gold plating ideal for electrical switch contacts and connector pins where electrical contact occurs.
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