£125 Billion Gold Haul Recovery Mission Started

If you love a gold-plated iPhone then you will love a good tale about finding hidden gold stores.

We have reported before on the hunt for Solomon’s gold and we think that you will be excited by the latest hunt for gold, believed to be hidden in boats sunk during the second world war.

A staggering $125 billion worth of gold and precious metal was lost during WWII when it was being shipped to America to pay for the UK’s war efforts. The ships have never been recovered.

Now, for the first time a hunt has been triggered after a senior researcher at Britannia Gold found what he believes are the insurance documents signed by Reginald McKenna, chancellor of the exchequer at the time, in a box full of last will and testaments of deceased sailors.

“It clearly indicated gold movements made on behalf of the government on requisitioned merchant liners, which were named, with values of gold and when they sailed,” Will Carrier, operational director of Britannia Gold told The Guardian newspaper.

The total cost of the mission to salvage the gold is expected to reach £8 million, which the insurance firm is raising from investors.

Obviously, it has not revealed where the gold may be, but it is well known that many ships were taken down by German U-boats, waiting off the coast of Ireland (which was neutral during WWII) to take down ships to disrupt British export and import opportunities.