Why Get Your iPhone Gold Plated?

24 karat gold plated iphone

With the announcement of new iPhone products over the next few months rumoured, it raises the question over the length of time we can hold onto our technology these days, and if only for a short time, why should you invest in a gold plated iPhone? For many people, it’s that exact reason. Owning the latest model of Apple product is no longer a huge luxury, as you can see from the days a product launches and the queues outside of Apple shops, many people have the income to afford these new tech masterpieces. Therefore, for those with a bit more disposable wealth, the key is finding a way to stand out from the crowd. Nothing does that better than investing in the details and the luxurious quality of a 24 karat plated phone will put you head and shoulders above the crowd. However, not everyone has such a throwaway relationship with technology – and especially with more mature buyers, a phone is a more long term investment. For those people, gold plating is a great way to make that piece of technology you have to look at every day for years just a bit more pleasing to the eye and even match it more to your personality. Another reason to gold plate an iPhone is when you’re buying it for a gift for a special occasion. When it’s a milestone birthday, you may want to purchase your loved one something a little bit more special that they can keep as a forever keepsake and a gold plated phone with a personalised message engraved on it is sure to lead to one very happy birthday boy or girl.