3 Gift Ideas That Can Improve With Gold Plating

You will know that feeling all too well of how difficult it can be to buy someone a present. Whether it’s for a birthday, Christmas or simply a one-off occasion, it’s not easy to find a present that has a personal touch to it. If you’re in that position, then gold plating is one way of making a gift have more sentimental meaning to it.

Here are three gift ideas that can look even better with a custom design.


Electronic cigarette

You will know at least one person that is trying to quit smoking, so you could help them along that journey by buying them an e-cig. However, you don’t want to purchase a generic-looking e-cig either. If someone’s making the commitment to stop smoking, then it’s going to be a long-term investment that they could use for weeks, months or years.


Fidget spinner

Remember fidget spinners? They were once a popular craze, but now that it has started to fade away, they make for an excellent gift. While there are many people that would point to the benefits they have with helping against anxiety or stress, your focus will probably be on the way it looks in your hand. So, why not custom design it and make it look even more special as it spins?



There is no doubt that anyone will enjoy a slinky for its novelty factor alone. When you are not using it, though, imagine how nice it would look on your shelf? It would be the immediate talking point for anyone who sees it in a room.