5 Bracelet Charms To Choose & Why

If you’ve got an old bracelet that you want to revamp as a gift for someone, then getting it gold plated is a great way of breathing new life into the item. But it might be nice to make it into a charm bracelet as well. Here are five charms that would be lovely to include.

An angel

This symbolises devotion, faith and spirituality, as well as guidance and protection. If you’re giving the charm bracelet to one of your children, this would be a brilliant choice as it shows them that you’ll always be thinking of them and watching over them.

An elephant

These are symbols of wisdom, as well as strength, courage and stature, so would serve as a reminder of all these characteristics for anyone who carries such an animal with them.

A frog

Want to give someone the gift of good luck? Then include a frog charm on their new gold-plated bracelet. They also symbolise fertility and harmony, while the Chinese believe that frogs represent good fortune in business as well as healing.

A moon

Not only would a moon charm look lovely on a bracelet, but the symbol is also thought to represent women, fertility and femininity. You could also include a sun charm next to it to represent the idea of duality, men and women in equal balance.

A star

Continuing with the celestial theme, stars symbolise wishes, good luck, adventure and mystery – so if someone’s off to university or going travelling, there’s no better charm than a star.