An Ideal Gift For A Well-Groomed Gent: Gold-Plated Beard Jewellery

The Big C may be a couple of months away yet but if you’re already stocking up on gifts for your nearest and dearest, why not treat your other half to the perfect gift for the man who has everything: gold-plated beard jewellery?

Beards have been big news for some time; over the last couple of years, all kinds of novelty beard-related bits and bobs have sprung up, including beard glitter and braiding beads.

If a beardful of baubles is too tacky for your liking however, genuine, high-quality beard jewellery might be an alternative way to accessorise a bountiful beard.

Italian brand Krato has developed a line of jewellery exclusively for bearded gents. Tiny but stylish silver and gold-plated designs, including skulls and anchors, are attached to a triangular spiral, which can be rotated into the beard, where it is held in place among the hair.

Designed and handmade in Italy, the beard jewellery is priced from €27 (£23.80). The company advises that beards of at least 5cm in length are ideal for holding the diminutive designs firmly in place.

There’s even a limited edition collection of precious stones set into beard spirals – perfect for a festive event. The Beard Diamond, meanwhile, is an extra-special something if you’re planning to pull out all the stops for a loved one this Christmas.

If you like the idea but not the price and are a dab-hand with crafts, you might want to have a go at making your own beard jewellery. Trust GoldenLux Gold Plating services to produce a gold-plated finish to rival Krato’s premium pieces – we can plate almost anything. Get in touch today to find out more.