Bella Hadid Proves Gold Jewellery Doesn’t Have To Be Expensive

For the most part, when you look at celebrity outfits they’re comprised of designer labels and exclusive fashion houses that you can’t even hope to afford, but every now and then someone famous steps out in something surprisingly affordable.

Bella Hadid has done just that lately, wearing a simple herringbone gold chain as part of her outfit at a press conference at Cannes Film Festival.

E News noted that the chain seen around the model’s neck costs just $17 and it’s one that appears to be something of a favourite for the star.

She’s also been snapped wearing the piece of jewellery while out and about in the US, and while spending time with friends at the beach.

In fact, we think that Bella has the right idea in keeping her accessories simple, especially as we move into summer. A little can go a long way, or so the saying goes and there’s definitely an argument for less being more where jewellery is concerned.

It also proves that you don’t need to spend thousands of pounds on high-end jewellery to look stylish. Rather than rushing out to buy a new necklace though, you could also look at what’s in your jewellery box already that’s in need of restoration. Sending a chain to a gold plating service could give it a whole new lease of life.

Men can also get in on the gold jewellery act by adding a gold plated pocket watch to their formal ensemble. Of course, these items don’t work so well in a casual setting, but they are undeniably stylish when paired with a sharp suit and formal location.