Casio Launches G-Shock Gold Tornado Watch!

Looking for the perfect Christmas present to give that special someone in your life? Or maybe you just want to spoil yourself a little this month. Whatever your reason for splashing the cash, if you’re looking for something to pick up then what about this awesome 35th anniversary commemorative G-Shock Gold Tornado watch from Casio.

According to Japan Today, the watch is in the brand’s signature colour of black with red as a base shade – but it’s the gold plating accents that we here at GoldenLux Gold Plating like particularly. Gold is a great choice of colour because it stands out so well, particularly against a backdrop of red and black… so we predict big things for this stunning timepiece over the coming months.

Apparently, gold was chosen as a feature colour because it symbolises the brand’s heritage of having a big impact on the world, as well as having something to aspire to. The back of the watch has been engraved with the 35th anniversary logo, designed by world-famous graphic artist Eric Haze. And the strap features a stunning star emblem to signify 35 years of the brand.

G-Shock itself was first established back in 1983, created by Casio engineer Kekuo Ibe – and it really was quite ground-breaking at the time. Back then, watches were predominantly seen as more fragile pieces of jewellery but this new model showed that function could be fused perfectly with design.

Apparently, Mr Ibe took it upon himself to create an unbreakable watch after being left bereft when a pocket watch given to him by his father broke.