Could A Nazi Gold Hoard Be Raised From The Depths?

There are many fantastical stories about treasure hunters finding chests filled with gold, but one British firm may actually have hit the jackpot.

Advanced Marine Services, a British firm, has applied for permission to bring a chest from the post room of the SS Minden to the surface. The organisation believes the chest could be filled with gold, as the ship was reportedly carrying this cargo when it sank in 1939, the Sun reported.

Up to four tons of the precious metal, worth £100 million, could be contained in the chest if the organisation is right.

The SS Minden was scuttled by its crew in 1939 off the coast of Iceland when it was on its way back to Germany from South America. Advanced Marine Services has now applied for permission from the Icelandic government to cut a hole in the wreck and remove the box.

However, while the British firm is hoping to bring the haul back to the UK – if it proves there is gold in the box – the Icelandic government has said it will release a statement about the ownership of the cargo.

There is much speculation over whether there actually was gold onboard the SS Minden, although the Daily Mail points out that only two-thirds of the gold stolen by the Nazis from European central banks has been recovered.

Gold treasure can come in many forms, and isn’t restricted to shipwrecks. Earlier this year an amateur metal detectorist found a valuable Medieval gold brooch in Leicestershire, which went to auction with guide price of £6,000 to £8,000.

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