Edible Gold Cocktail On Sale In London Bar

Gold is associated with opulence and decadence, so it’s no surprise that in London there’s a bar that’s serving an edible gold cocktail with a pretty hefty price tag.

UK Business Insider reported on the incredible cocktail available at The Bletchley for £100. It’s called the King George VI and includes three liqueurs: gin Monkey 47, rose vodka Lanique, and Chambord raspberry liqueur.

The other ingredients in this special drink include lemon juice, bitter lemon, and it’s infused with hibiscus tea, berries, lemon and orange peel. The decadence comes from the finishing touches.

The cocktail is chilled using dry ice, and topped off with mascarpone foam, gold chocolates, edible diamonds, caramel, gold leaves and sprinkles of gold.

It takes between 30 and 40 minutes to blend this special infusion, and general manager at the bar Roland Mandoki told the publication that they want to make this an experience for customers, so the cocktail will be made in front of them.

He commented: “It’s easy to create a cocktail for £100 while using premium spirits, but we wanted to focus on customer experience.”

Gold food and drink is popping up everywhere at the moment – the Leicester Mercury recently reported on the gold ice cream that’s going on sale in a Leicester dessert parlour.

Waffle & Scoop is set to offer Madagascan vanilla ice cream covered in edible gold leaf – the business believes it’s the first place in the UK to offer ice cream covered in a single sheet of gold leaf.

If you want to have your own decadent desserts or drinks, you might not want to splash out on edible gold leaf, but you could get a couple of choice pieces of tableware gold plated. Imagine having gold-plated goblets, or even some gold-plated bowls for special occasions?

Businesses may also want to look into this option to give them a way of serving special drinks or dishes rather than trying to emulate the cocktail and ice cream by making use of edible gold leaf. Find out more about using gold plating services to customise items for your business.