Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Father’s Day is on the horizon, but if you’re stuck on what to buy this year, have you considered using our gold plating services to make your present really special? Taking Dad’s pastime, hobby or favourite thing in the world and giving it a gold-plated makeover can be a great way to give him something he’s never had before – here’s our inspiration for a great Father’s Day gift.

If Dad is a keen golfer, he’ll undoubtedly have dreams of a golf club such as this gold-plated one, but spending over $70,000 on Father’s Day probably isn’t too likely, no matter how much you love him. You could get his own golf club gold plated however, or even some other golf paraphernalia, to upgrade his kit.

Watches are always a great gift, but if you can’t buy your Dad a new one, could you restore one he already has? When precious metals such as gold get damaged or scratched, they can really degrade the look of a piece, and GoldenLux are experts at repairing this sort of damage on watches. Likewise, rings, necklaces and more that have seen better days could all be repaired for a great and thoughtful gift.

All Dad’s love technology right? If yours is always looking to buy the latest gadget, getting a tech-themed gift can be expensive. However, gold-plating starts from a really reasonable price, and you can apply it to all kinds of tech, from phones to tablets to gaming devices. The real key to finding a great gold plated gift is knowing that your imagination is the limit.