Fitbit Gets Gold-Plated Makeover

Gold-plated technology is nothing new, just check out how popular the gold-plated iPhone is with our customers, however, with new bits of wearable technology becoming more and more mainstream, it’s only a matter of time until they get reinvented to turn them into more desirable, wearable accessories.

The latest item to be given an official gold plating makeover by its manufacturers is the Fitbit, the personal fitness tracker which can be seen on almost every health conscious wrist these days. However, up until now, these fitness bangles looked decidedly ‘tech-y’ and not like something a style-conscious person would choose to wear around their wrist all day.

The new release however proves that wearable technology can be extremely stylish, with three new designs involving gorgeous gold plating. Shown over on the Allure website, you can see gold, black and gold and red and gold options which would look just as at home in a high end jewellery as a sports shop.

As well as the 22 karat Special Edition Gold Series, which is on sale in the US now, another special series will be released later in the year, which have been designed in collaboration with top designers such as Vera Wang. That sounds like something that’d definitely encourage us to get our running shoes on!

The lesson to learn is that if you want to make your technology or jewellery more attractive, you should consider gold plating. Get in touch with the experts and find out whether your item is suitable for gold plating today.