Go To Town With Your Christmas Decorations

With December just around the corner, now is the time to start planning your festive decorations. If you’re the kind of person who likes to update their Christmas decor each year, consider making some of your baubles and ornaments truly special this year.

Gold has long been a classic Christmas colour, so if you’ve got a couple of ornaments that come out each December, consider sending them to a gold plating service to make them truly shine.

If you need some advice on how to make your festive display really stand out, take some cues from a visual merchandiser who recently spoke to Good Housekeeping.

Katy Trodd, from Visual Thinking, told the news provider that you should pick a colour scheme and stick to it each year.

“Picking on theme or palette will make your home look less cluttered and more sophisticated,” she explained.

And if you’re short on floor space, Ms Trodd recommends hanging some pretty decorations from your ceiling or decorating your windows. You can make things like paper chains and snowflakes to bring a personal touch to your space too.

If you decide to splash out by gold plating one or two of your favourite festive items, you could save money by making other decorations to match. Using gold spray paint can be a cheap way to make sure your other decor fits in with your newly gold plated items. It can also allow you to get creative if you’re making your own pieces to hang or display this year.

According to Pinterest, one easy way to make your home more festive is to get creative with how you display your Christmas cards. Ideal Home noted that quirky ways to show off your Christmas cards are really taking off, highlighting Washi tape as a particularly useful option that allows you to hang your cards however you want.