Gold And Silver Bang On Trend For Autumn Fashion

Gold and silver are right on the money for fashion and beauty followers this autumn, which means accessories with gold plating will be en vogue as well.

This revelation that metallic is the new black comes from London Evening Standard beauty journalist Molly Simmonds, who believes nail art is the best way to accentuate this trend for anything a magpie might take a fancy to.

She lists OPI, Jinsoon and Barry M as the top brands for capturing the best precious metal shades.

“As our long summer nights become shorter, everything about the autumn is centred on darker shades and more layers,” she stated. “It’s not all doom and gloom though. Adding a shimmer to your nails this autumn will be the difference that sets you apart from the crowd.”

Gold plating accessories such as watches and jewellery, or even handheld electricals such as smartphones is another great way of capturing the autumn metallics trend.

The Kardashians may be famed for their selfies in the mirror showing off their gold and rose gold iPhones, but the metallic phone trend extends beyond the world of Apple technologies.

Indeed, the new OnePlus 5 Android smartphone is due to be released in a “soft gold” colour, while there are rumours that the new Galaxy S8 may well be brought out in a gold version, satisfying the needs of fashionable consumers.

Until then, however, there are plenty of gold and silver beauty products available to give fashionistas their metal fix until it is time to upgrade to the next smartphone.