Gold Cappuccinos: The Ultimate Luxury Coffee

Gold has long been associated with luxury and wealth, so it will probably come as little surprise that it’s a hotel in Dubai that has created the ultimate in extravagant coffees.

Visit the Burj Al Arab hotel and you can order a gold cappuccino. Made from 100 per cent arabica beans, the coffee itself is certainly of a high quality. But it’s the inclusion of the precious metal that makes it really stand out.

The foamed milk is blended with gold before it’s added to the coffee, and as if that weren’t enough, 24 karat gold is sprinkled on top of the beverage, Harper’s Bazaar revealed.

All of this is served in a delicate china cup that’s got golden detailing on the cup and saucer.

Your budget might not quite stretch to a trip to Dubai to enjoy a gold cappuccino, but we reckon you could recreate this, at least in part, if you sent a couple of old cups and saucers to a gold plating service.

While you may not be able to foam your milk with actual gold like they do at Burj Al Arab, you could at least serve your favourite coffee in a truly glamorous cup. It could be a nice way to treat yourself and friends or a loved one too.

This could also be a great gift idea for anyone who loves their coffee or tea, and who has a penchant for gold.

We recently highlighted three other gift suggestions that can all be made more special by gold plating. That classic childhood toy a slinky is one that can look particularly slick in a golden hue, while you can really elevate an electronic cigarette by giving it a golden exterior.