Gold Could Be Used To ‘Treat Cancer’, Says Study

While we, of course, love gold for its use in gold plating, the news this week suggests that the mineral could have an even greater use in medicine.

According to, researchers from the University of Edinburgh and the University of Zaragoza have made an exciting discovering that small micro particles of gold could be used to treat lung cancer, as well as helping with the side effects caused by treatment.

A group of scientists, who work as part of Cancer UK, found that when gold is encased in a specially designed medical device it can target and treat specific areas in a patient’s lungs. However, the properties of the gold particles are only activated when used alongside various anti-cancer drugs.

The device was tested on zebra fish by being implanted into their brain. It showed positive results in combatting the disease and the effects of drugs, so it’s hoped that this technique and method could be used in the future to treat humans with the disease too.

Dr. Asier Unciti-Broceta, who worked as part of the group of scientists on this study, said in a press release that: “There is still work to do before we can use this on patients, but this study is a step forward. We hope that a similar device in humans could one day be implanted by surgeons to activate chemotherapy directly in tumours and reduce harmful effects to healthy organs,”

The great thing about gold is that it’s a safe component to use in the human body and can directly combat diseased cancer cells. It will preserve and save healthy cells without causing damage to them.