Gold Leaf Poppies Launched To Mark Centenary Of WW1

Next month marks 100 years since the end of the First World War, and to honour the centenary, rare Remembrance Day poppies will be released.

The Royal British Legion will sell limited poppies that feature ‘1918-2018’ written in gold on the green leaf.

One in six Remembrance Day poppies will have these , allowing seven million people the opportunity to pick up a collector’s edition.

Claire Rowcliffe, director of fundraising at the Royal British Legion, said: “We thought it poignant in the year we mark the end of the First World War centenary to launch a special version of our paper poppy for the Poppy Appeal, something we have never done before.”

Every year, many Brits purchase a poppy to remember all those who lost their lives during the four-year war. Indeed, 8.5 million soldiers, as well as 13 million civilians died as a result of the battle, which spread across Europe and involved all of the British Empire.

The charity hopes to raise as much as £50 million – its highest ever target – through the sale of the 40 million poppies this year, with the money going towards modern-day soldiers. It intends to continue to support service personnel and veterans who risk their lives for the country.

Nicola Meredith from the Royal British Legion added that the charity helps those in the Armed Forces through bereavement, injury and other hardships. She went on to thank all the men and women who have, and continue to, “serve and sacrifice since the First World War”.