Gold Plated Aviators?

Gold plate iPhone? Check. Gold plated wayfarers? Yes really.

Ray Ban has recently bought out a gold plated wayfarer which is perfect for anybody who wants to holiday in serious style this summer.

Whether you are off to Biarritz, Hvar Town, Monaco or just heading to Brighton, these gold plated sunglasses are just the thing to be seen in if you want to be noticed on the beach this summer.

They will set you back $518, no small beer, but a comparatively small amount for a gold-plated version of such as favoured classic style.

Around since 1952 these classic shades have been worn by everyone from Tom Cruise, through to Michael Jackson. Originally designed for pilots in the second world war, they became the best shades for corrective glare, The Aviator was born. The sunglasses have had a revival in recent years as people have chosen to invest heavily in classic styles and vintage looks.

The new version features a 24-carat gold plated lens in a mask shape, and engraved logo, gold-plated flat metal top bridge and temples and superlight, single piece nose pad.

The company have launched the new gold Ray-Bans with an advert that sees a bling gambler lose everything in a high stakes game including his gold coat and chain, but run away before he has to give up his sunnies.

This isn’t the last time we are going to be seeing such innovation from Ray-Ban as the company has recently invested in improving its Carbon Fibre Ferrari Collection.