Gold Plated Crib Makes Waves in Dubai

If you are looking for gold plating services for your little one, then you could do no better than a gold-plated crib.

Polish designers Marta Buzalska and Darius Panczyk own the company Luulu which unveiled the gold crib in February this year, and said: “The baby bed has been designed to mimic the feel of being in the womb, while offering parents a chic, high-end piece of furniture to add to their home.”

“Its interior is the finest quality leather imported from Italy, more commonly found inside Maserati cars. The quilted interior is seasoned with Swarovski diamonds to look like the stars in the sky, while the mattress itself is flexible, totally natural, ecologic and hyperallergic, and was made according to all binding standards and attestations.”

No safety aspect has been overlooked with the designers considering the needs of premature babies as well, who need various enhanced safety features to be considered in their bed design.

The crib costs $60,000, significantly more than rent on a two-bed apartment in Dubai’s more salubrious areas.

The 24k gold baby crib is also diamond encrusted and the designers got their inspiration for the crib from the sea. In fact, they got their inspiration looking at the ships around Gdynia Marina.

The cribs are made entirely by hand using the same materials as are used on the world’s most exclusive yachts, making this a perfect bed for the child of keen sailors as well.