Gold-Plated Drone Revealed

People who want to add a bit of bling to their accessories can take advantage of gold-plating services to make anything they want sparkle these days.

And for technology fans, this includes drones, as Chinese manufacturer DJI has revealed its new Phantom 4 drone, which is covered in a layer of 24-carat gold.

It is thought to be the most expensive drone in the world, retailing at a steep £20,000 thanks to its lavish exterior, and can be bought from UK e-tailer

Business unit manager for the website Tim Morley said this edition is “perfect” for those who want an exclusive drone.

“It is the ultimate status symbol for the gadget lover who wants something more bespoke,” he stated.

It is not just the look of the gizmo that is impressing buyers, but its high-tech functions too.

Mr Morley added: “The impressive functionality allows them to survey their estate, supercar collection or explore off-the-radar territory while out sailing.”

The DJI Phantom 4 Gold Edition can fly up to 100 metres high and has an integrated camera to enable its owners to take a look at high-definition photographs and video footage while it is on the move.

It can be controlled for up to two kilometres and comes with sense and avoid technology, meaning it can detect and avoid obstacles while in the air.

Other gadgets people like gold-plating are smartphones, with Apple releasing its popular gold edition iPhone 5s. Alternatively, you can get your handheld devices gold-plated yourself at a fraction of the cost.