Gold Plated iPhone Cases Go On Sale For $5k

Mobile users who always pride themselves on getting the latest iPhone might be interested in showing off their latest gadget by getting one with an equally impressive case.

Indeed, it isn’t just about having the latest technology these days, but also the most stylish casing for your smartphone. And those who want just that will be fighting over the new Caviar iPhones that feature gold plating, mother of pearl, and 20 diamonds!

The beautiful gadget doesn’t come cheap though, and prices for this embellished phone start at $5,420 (£4,121).

Caviar doesn’t just do gold-plated iPhones though, and offers iPhone XS and XS Plus designs with carbon bodies, snake skin, alligator skin, and gold and diamond accents.

If your budget doesn’t stretch that far, you don’t need to worry as you could get your iPhone gold-plated yourself and ditch the cost of the dazzling diamonds.

However, if money is no option, why not spoil yourself with a Brikk ceramic iPhone? These black or white gadgets have a 24k gold body and buttons, which it promises is heat resistance and lightweight.

These are on sale for a cool $12,995, which is a drop in the ocean compared with the $50,000 some people could be planning to spend on the solid gold version of the XS and XS Plus, if they launch later next year.

This could help single people when it comes to their love life, after a survey from Match recently revealed that 29 per cent would find their date more appealing if they had an iPhone.