Oscars Statuettes Given 1929 Gold-Plated Makeover

While we can help you gold-plate almost anything these days, from an heirloom keepsake to a gold-plated iPhone, there’s one gold-plated object in the world that thousands of people yearn for, many of them with very deep pockets. However, this is something that money just can’t buy.

It is award season, after all, so we’re talking about the Oscars and those iconic statuettes that denote the highest accolade you can be awarded in the film industry.

This year, the film academy has announced that the statuettes are getting a makeover, using modern technology to restore original features from the first ones ever awarded way back in 1929. The awards have been restored back to their former glory with the help of recently developed technology and techniques.

First up, Polich Tallix Fine Art Foundry used digital scanning to uncover the true form of a vintage academy award statuette from 1929, and then used 3D printing technology to recreate the form, according to the IB Times. Until now, the Oscars have been made in a more traditional way; however, some of the finer details have been lost over the last century.

The statuettes are still plated in 24 karat gold, and still measure the exact same dimensions: “13 ½-inches tall and weighs 8 ½ pounds”, according to the Daily Mail Online

It took the team at Polich Tallix three months to prepare the 50 statuettes needed for the ceremony, held this year on February 28th, and staff members were there on the night to make sure the correct plaques were added to the winners’ awards before the actors, directors, producers, musicians and other creatives take them home.

After all, the statuettes are worth more than their weight in gold – did you know the highest price fetched for an Oscar statuette was $332,165?