Saudi Billionaire Brings Fleet Of Golden Cars To London

Many people who want to add a bit of sparkle to their life invest in a gold-plated iPhone or buy some expensive jewellery. However, for Saudi billionaire Turk Bin Abdullah, there is only one way to show off his cash – by bringing his collection of gold cars on a trip to London.

He caused a bit of a stir earlier this week when Londoners saw several golden supercars, including a Bentley, Lamborghini and Rolls Royce, driving around Knightsbridge.

Despite living a relatively private lifestyle, he has been attracting plenty of attention with his vehicles around the capital, parking outside Mayfair’s most expensive shops and hotels during his trip.

He always brings his cars when he travels, flying them thousands of miles so he can cruise around Europe in his beloved motors, which are expected to cost more than £1 million in total.

Mr Bin Adullah’s Instagram account is full of images of him and his troupe in his supercars. In one picture, a cheetah appears to be strapped into one of his golden motors in the driving seat.

In addition to the incredible expense of the supercars themselves, it is thought to cost £4,000 per vehicle to cover them in a gold chrome wrap. However, when each car is valued at over £200,000, this is hardly a significant amount.

The arrival of the Saudi billionaire marks the beginning of the season when many wealthy Arabs fly over from the Middle East for some time in the city, looking to escape the hot temperatures in their home countries during the spring and summer.