Whether you want a 24ct Gold Plated iPhone  6s, iPhone 5s or an older iPhone you basically have three choices:

  • You can try to get hold of the gold edition iphone5s from  apple or,
  • you can pay upwards of  £1300 to get a new 24ct gold plated  iphone  from an online retailer or,
  • you can have your own iPhone gold plated through our gold plating service.

gold plated iPhone 5 s in all finishedOur new gold plated iPhone 6s and iPhone 5s are stunning and much cheaper than buying a 24ct gold iPhone directly from Apple.

They just shout quality and look much better in the flesh!

However, if you already have an iPhone 6s, or another iPhone (other than a plastic one), you can have something that looks almost as good for much less cost.

Have your own iPhone gold plated.

Just give us a call on 02476629711 for a quotation or just to discuss what you would like. Kristian is very happy to talk through any of your requirements without any obligation on your part.

or  Email: sales@goldenluxgoldplating.co.uk – we will respond to emails within 4 hours as a rule.

There is a three to five day turn around depending on the condition your phone is in

Once we’ve finished with it you will have a thing of beauty and quality.

Have a look at the iPhone 5s 24ct. gold plated edition below from Goldgenie.

You can get the same phones from us but at a substantial discount. Click here for discount voucher

 Gold Plated iPhone Video

The customised Gold iPhone 5S range from Goldgenie featuring iPhones embellished in gold, rose gold, platinum and Swarovski crystals.