Apple Recycle £40 Million Of Gold From Old iPhones

While a gold plated iPhone is undoubtedly the best way to lend a little luxury to your device, you might be surprised to know that your phone has a few more karats than you might expect.

Apple is known for having the Midas touch when it comes to their phones, but it was revealed they also made a tidy profit when it came to recycling some of their phone’s components. From recycled Apple products in 2015, the company recovered almost 1,000 kg of gold, worth a staggering $40 million according to Yahoo.

Of course, Apple won’t be taking this haul of gold to the local jewellers to get a good price – instead, they’ll be able to re-use in a new raft of consumer products.

Gold isn’t used inside the electronics just for luxury’s sake – it’s often picked as a component for devices thanks to its conductive properties. It’s not as corrosive as silver, while a much better conductor than copper. It’s also easily malleable, making it the perfect choice for small parts.

This recycling programme should help to reduce Apple’s mining needs, in turn helping to reduce the company’s carbon footprint – something which is important to the company according to their environmental responsibility report.

Of course, you’re not sitting on a small gold mine of your own with an iPhone, but it just goes to show that you should look into environmentally responsible ways to dispose of your old phones.

Though we’re sure if you get yours gold-plated, it won’t be something you’ll want to part with any time soon!