Gold Plated Roses: Flowers That Last A Lifetime

While your loved one might appreciate a bunch of flowers every now and again, if you find there’s something quite depressing about their too short life span, then maybe you should investigate the ultimate in long-lasting blooms – the gold plated rose.

Though they may look like intricately manmade decorative roses, this luxury bouquet used to be a bunch of real roses that have now been preserved in resin and plated with a precious metal. Our customers love to give them as gifts, especially to spouses and partners on special occasions that they want to be remembered for ever.

That includes engagements, wedding days and even, if you’re lucky, major anniversaries. After all, 60 years is gold and 70 years is platinum, so a 24 karat gold or platinum-plated rose is the perfect keepsake. How about giving one to each of your bridesmaids as a beautiful memento of the love and support they’ve offered you for your big wedding day?

The real beauty of these roses is in the detail – with the gold-plating process enhancing the minutest detail and making the delicate shapes of each freshly picked rose cast eternally in beautiful gold.

As well as roses plated in pure gold and platinum, you can also choose to give your rose some colour with a gorgeous resin coating. Available in pink, red and white, this design sees the petals edges plated in precious metals, for something a little more subtle and delicate, but equally as beautiful and everlasting. Head to our shop to buy your gold-plated rose today.