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Gold Plated Roses

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Gold Plated Rose – Gold Plated roses from £99

GoldenLux gold plated roses are perfectly preserved in 24ct. gold  or  platinum, and resin making sure they will literally last forever, each Rose takes approx. 4 weeks to prepare from harvesting; using our totally unique process we capture the very minutest detail in each petal and leaf preserving it in precious metal and resin.


Available in 5 unique finishes

Examples of Gold Plated RosesEvery 12 inch rose has been freshly picked then preserved in 24ct. gold or platinum and prepared using advanced gold electroplating techniques.
gold plated squareThe Gold Plating on these Roses is of the highest quality
gold plated squarePlating guaranteed for 1 year
gold plated squareCan’t be found cheaper anywhere at similar quality








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GoldenLux – Gold Plated Rose
24ct Gold Gold Plated Roses
The roses are real and can be plated in gold, rose gold or platinum.
Buy from us on line and delight to one you cherish.
They all come with a luxury gift box.
They are worth it!
Gold Rose
Gold Plated Rose