Gold-Plated Tiffany Straws Are Now A Thing!

Single use plastic has been in the news for quite some time now and no doubt there are many of you out there starting to reconsider what you use and what you buy. If you’re partial to drinking out of a straw and have been concerned about the impact your habit could have on the environment, why don’t you look at what the gold plating industry has just brought out!

Luxury brand Tiffany & Co has now launched a sterling silver bendy straw that comes with gold plating – and which will set you back a cool $375.

The product description on the website reads that the straw is a whimsical one, “a fun and festive addition to the home”. And the even better news is that you can have your own personal long-life straw engraved with up to three letters so you can personalise it or give it as a thoughtful gift.

Alternatively, you can get your hands on a rose gold version or even a sterling silver one that comes with a fun little ladybird on it. The choice is yours!

These all form part of Tiffany’s Everyday Objects collection, crafted by artisans out of sterling silver, enamel and wood, designed to elevate typical home and garden accessories with a “with that transforms the ordinary into works of art”.

Other objects you can find include chopsticks, pillboxes, silver marker pens, triangles so you can do your geometry in style… and in case you have a spare $9,000 lying around, you could also take home a sterling silver ball of yarn!