Gold-Plated ‘Voyager’ Record To Be Released

Do you remember when NASA launched Voyager One and Two back in 1977, gold plating a record and attaching it to the front of each?

Back in this golden age of space travel, these golden vinyl discs were created by the late renowned astronomer, cosmologist and astrophysicist Carl Sagan. They were intended as way to connect and communicate with any potential alien life forms, or for future generations of humans to find one day.

They took around a year to produce and contain various sound bites, music, Morse code and images to show life on earth. The music on the discs ranged from Mozart to Azerbaijani folk.

To celebrate the 40th anniversary since the launch of the spacecraft, OSMA records set up a Kickstarter campaign in 2016 to fund the release of the Voyager golden record for sale to the public, according to The Vinyl Factory.

After a successful campaign, for the first time ever you’ll have to chance to delve into the archives of all that the disks contained. A deluxe boxset has been created, which will include 3 gold plated translucent disks, a trajectory slip mat of the Voyager spacecraft, a compilation of images, digital downloadable card, a gold foiled print as well as a document containing an essay from the original producer of the golden record Tim Ferris.

You can purchase the disks over at OSMA’s official website as well at taking a look at the full track list of over 30 pieces of music, but if the idea in itself is inspiring, talk to us about how we might look at helping you commemorate an event using gold plating.