Add Some Bling To Make Your Kitchen Shine

When you’re redecorating your kitchen, you’re most likely thinking about muted shades and maybe some colourful tiling, but there are many ways in which you can make this important room in your home feel a bit more special.


Westchester Magazine has highlighted the growing trend for metallic touches – and not just in traditional chrome.


It suggests adding “warm metallic finishes” to your kitchen, which means introducing fixtures in copper, rose gold and brass hues. This may even mean you don’t have to rush out and buy a whole new kitchen, as you could use gold plating services to revamp existing items.


Swapping out tired and dull cabinet handles with new and shiny gold plated knobs will give existing cupboards a new lease of life.


You can even go as far as installing gold plated taps to tie the whole look together, while lamp shades in similarly warm metallic tones can round off the design without being overwhelming, the publication says.


Another tip is to make sure that the finish of all your metal items is the same – so if you’re leaving some of your old brushed chrome fittings in place, make sure you also get brushed brass or gold fixtures, and they’ll still work within the overall design of the space.


People are increasingly turning to gold plating to revamp more mundane items and bring some extra bling into their lives. There has even been a trend among wealthy youngsters to gold plate everything from hand guns to samurai swords, the Daily Mail reported last month.