Gold Apple Watch Discontinued

When the gold Apple Watch Edition was released, wealthy fans of the brand forked out $10,000 (£7,577) for the 18-karat timepiece.

However, just months after it was launched, the firm has decided to discontinue the product.

According to Yahoo! Finance, it is estimated Apple made $20 million from the sales of the watches. However, this clearly was not enough to keep the watch going, and the brand unveiled its Apple Watch series 2 to the public earlier this week.

While this timepiece has many brilliant features, including being “swim-proof” and is a fitness band that comes with its own tracker to encourage the wearer to exercise more, it is not available in the coveted gold like its predecessor.

Many customers bought the gold watch for its collectability and now that there are just an estimated 2,000 of these in circulation around the world, their value may have just increased significantly for those who own one.

Christel Quek, a vice president at Brandwatch, which monitors social media response about new products, told the news provider that the watch was appealing because of what it represents, as well as its collectability importance.

She added: “I got it because it was something that I wanted to make a statement about. Luxury.”

Of course, owners of Apple watches could always consider gold plating services if they want to pimp up their ordinary timepieces and did not purchase a gold Apple Watch Edition before they were shelved by the brand.

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