Company Designs Gold-Plated Donald Trump iPhone

Following the election victory in America of Donald Trump, a Russian-Italian company will no doubt be inundated with celebratory orders since focusing their gold plating and design skills on the new President-Elect.


According to a report on, Caviar has released an iPhone 7 featuring an engraving of Mr. Trump’s likeness as well as one of the Great Seal of the United States. These are surrounded by an intricate, waved-line engraved design, and the whole piece is gold-plated.


The ‘Supremo Trump Changeover’ iPhone costs 197,000 Roubles, or around £2387. This is priced slightly less than the company’s other current design featuring Russian President Vladimir Putin, which retail for 209,000 Roubles (around £2533).


The release of the phone is not purely financial in its intentions – there is an air of harmony in their intentions. The statement on the phone’s webpage reads as follows:


“This phone is an expression of hope for a rapprochement between Russia and the United States, and that of the benevolent words Trump [spoke] of Russia will follow the actions that will lead to a change in relations between the great powers for the better.”


Mr. Trump himself is no stranger to the pleasure of gold-plated additions to his already-luxury lifestyle. The businessman and President-to-be travels extensively on his private Boeing 757, considered to be the 8th most expensive plane in the world.


As this video tour indicates, the aeroplane is equipped with many lavish features throughout. This includes the bathroom, which is adorned with 24-karat gold plated fittings.