Designers Create Gold-plated Sauna

It’s a fact – gold plating can make any normal thing into a work of art. It’s as true for iPhones as it is for sculptures and interiors, and this week, it was showed to be true for a sauna.

A pair of Scandinavian designers have unveiled what must be one of the world’s weirdest, but most beautiful saunas in the outskirts of a snowy Swedish city. Their ‘Solar Egg’ is a gold-plated wonder, with it’s stunning faceted design standing proud as a sculptural piece of art, yet it also doubles as a public sauna for locals.

Yes, the hidden staircase reveals that inside the golden egg you’ll find a fully decked out wooden sauna with an intricate fireplace designed from iron and rocks into a shape to represent the human heart. When it gets hot enough, it also glows red according to D’Marge!

However, it’s only a very small size – 5 x 4 metre in fact – and can only hold eight people at a time. However, if you do have to queue outside in the below freezing temperatures, at least you know you’ll soon be inside somewhere warm.

The design of this sauna is really something to behold, and while you may be unlikely to recreate it in your own home, it could inspire a new piece of sculptural artwork for your home including gold-plated panels.

If you find a sculpture that recreates a similar shape, even if made from a cheaper material, GoldenLux Gold Plating may be able to work with you to turn it into something truly spectacular.