Gold Plated Lamborghini To Be Auctioned

While we have been asked to carry out gold plating on a wide range of objects, we haven’t been asked to cover a car just yet.

And if we were, it would be one of our biggest ever items!

If you feel like you don’t have quite enough bling in your life then make sure you check out the gold plated Lambourgini Coutach on The Drive.

While the whole car is not gold plated, gold plating is used on the interiors and external detail, which adds to the overall opulence of the vehicle.  The refurbishment of this classic car is one of the most luxurious examples of upcycling we can think of, and is sure to raise the value of the vehicle from its original vintage price.

Can you image staring down at a gold plated dashboard and gear stick, while those behind you will be treated to your FOUR gold plated exhaust pipes? Well you don’t have to any more.

This classic 80s car has lifting passenger and driver doors, and has been refurbished by by Polo Storico Lamborghini in its homeland of Italy. It is likely to be incredibly popular with collectors as it is not only a period piece, but a particularly interesting take on sports car decoration.

They will have a chance to get their hands on it at RM Sotheby’s auction at Villa Erba in Italy on May 27. It is currently valued at between $518,000 to $627,000, but we can all dream.