Up Your Game With Gold Plated Golf Clubs!

Imagine stepping out onto the golf course to hit a few holes with your pals, only to pull out the ultimate golf club – one that’s been gold plated! Well, now you can thanks to Japanese club maker Honma, which has come up with a set they’ve dubbed the Five Star.

According to the Richmond News, they come with a very hefty price tag, however, and will set you back the princely sum of $33,600. That said, however, if you’re really looking to burn a hole in your wallet you could even shell out $76,000 for a set of golf clubs that have been both gold and platinum plated.

We’re sure the idea of these blinged-up clubs will appeal to many of you keen golfers out there, but let’s face it, unless you win the lottery it’s unlikely that you’ll get the credit card out to get them. And if you’re not 100 per cent sure that they’ll up your golf game, is there any point in investing in them?

There is another option, however! You could come and see us here at GoldenLux Gold Plating to see how we can gold, silver or platinum plate your favourite clubs for a lot less money.

We’ve got years of experience in this field and have gold-plated basically anything you can think of. Have you seen our gold-plated iPhone? And what about our gold-plated rose? As you can see, we know what we’re doing so if you’ve got something you think deserves the star treatment, give us a call today.