Don’t Put Gold Plate In The Dishwasher

One of the most popular items that people choose to have gold plated will always be cutlery and knives and forks. Antique items can be given a new lease of life through gold plating and it’s a great way of preserving family heirlooms that may be showing their age.


However, gold plating such items is just the first step in ensuring that they stand the test of time. You still have to look after them carefully if you want them to last. These days, it’s all too easy to just throw knives, forks and plates in the dishwasher and let the appliance do the hard work for you – but bear in mind that doing so could really damage your new gold plated cutlery.


The hot water and harsh detergents can erode the gold plate quite quickly so if you want to keep your cutlery looking as good as new, make sure you wash them up by hand and dry them carefully with a soft cloth. You would also be wise to keep them in a cutlery box and not in your cutlery drawer with your other knives, forks and spoons, as the plating could be damaged in this way as well.


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