Saudi Prince Hits London With Gold-Plated Supercars

With gold plating having such strong connotations to the super rich, it’s sometimes easy to forget it’s within the grasp of everyone who’s looking for a particularly special gift. While a gold-plated rose or iPhone is certainly something that can be delivered at an affordable price, you may have to cough up a little more if you want a gold-plated Lamborghini like this one that has made the news this week.

The Saudi billionaire Turki Bin Abdullah has been a noticeable present in the UK’s capital since arriving in London with his fleet of gilted supercars. The 23-year-old’s cars, which include a Lamborghini and Mercedes, are almost entirely gold-plated on their bodywork and thought to be worth somewhere in the region of £1.5 million.

However, while the cars have drawn a crowd on London’s streets, they’ve also been rubbing some people up the wrong way, thanks to the billionaire’s choice of car park.

Instead of using local parking facilities in the likes of Mayfair, Turki Bin Abdullah has seen it fit to illegally park his cars outside his dining haunts to the irk of local traffic wardens. He’s received several parking fines to date, according to the Daily Mail.

The parking fines, which cost £80, but are reduced to £40 if paid within a time frame, aren’t going to be much of a concern to the man from the proclaimed ‘wealthiest gene pool on the planet’.

However, the Daily Mail also found that by paying the fines for parking on the road for 6 hours, the Saudi prince may have actually been being thrifty, with the £40 fee lower than what it would have cost in nearby car parks!