Searching For Your Valentine’s Gift? Try The Wardrobe

If you’re keen to find out what your loved one has bought you for Valentine’s Day this year, the best place to start your hunt is the wardrobe.

This is according to a Royal Mail survey, which found 21 per cent of us use this as a hiding spot for Valentine’s gifts. Under the bed and in the garage were other top places to stash gifts, while some of use also resort to the loft or the spare room in a bid to keep presents secret.

But the research also revealed that some of us need to do a bit more if we really want to surprise our partners.

Just over 20 per cent of those surveyed revealed that their partner gives them the same gift every Valentine’s day, while a further ten per cent said they are able to guess what they’ve been bought based on targeted ads that appear online based on their partner’s browsing history.

Of course, Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to mean giving your partner something that’s brand new. You could surprise them with one of their favourite pieces of jewellery that’s had fresh gold plating applied to reinvigorate it.

But another survey conducted recently found that many of us don’t feel the need to mark Valentine’s Day at all.

Just over half – 58 per cent – of couples in the UK don’t plan to celebrate at all on 14 February, according to research by Glowing Embers.

The organisation found that top reasons for skipping Valentine’s Day were work commitments, the fact that it’s too expensive, a lack of childcare and tiredness. But one quarter of those questioned said it simply comes down to the fact that they don’t agree with Valentine’s Day as a concept.