Analogue NT Console Now Available In 24kt Gold!

Now, we certainly can’t blame you for loving a bit of gold plating – there’s something so beautiful about the colour and shine, especially when you’ve chosen to have something close to your heart gold plated. But as we’re sure you’re aware, it can be very costly buying gold-plated items, which is why it’s such a good idea to opt for a┬áplating service instead.


We’ve just heard how a new version of the Analogue Nt has just been released, completely covered in 24k gold and an original gold coloured cartridge of the Legend of Zelda game.


But, as with anything, it will set you back a pretty penny, costing a whopping $4,999 – so great news if you happen to have this spare lying around your bank account. You’d best be quick, however, since only ten of these limited edition consoles have been made.


If you’re really, really, really into your gaming then this could well be a solid (gold) investment, but otherwise we’d perhaps suggest that you hang onto your money until something else comes up. There’s nothing worse than experiencing buyer’s remorse, after all.


Instead, why don’t you have a look around your house to see what heirlooms or other items of great personal value you have squirrelled away. Having these gold plated is always a better more worthwhile investment than shopping around for the latest bit of bling. A gold plating service can breathe new life into antiques or anything that’s starting to show its age so if you haven’t considered it before, now’s the time to start.


We’d love to hear what you’d choose to have gold plated if you were given half the chance. Get in touch with us to let us know what you’d choose!