Donald Trump Using Gold-Plated Pens

Barely a day goes by at the moment where the newest president of the United States isn’t making headlines somewhere.

While this snippet of news is far removed from the policies he’s enacting, or the protests he’s inspiring, The Detroit News revealed that he’s decided to use gold-plated pens for his official activities, which include signing executive orders.

According to the news provider, Trump has ordered the same model of pen as his predecessor Barack Obama, but where Obama favoured chrome plating, Trump has gone for gold.

The custom-made pens come from A.T. Cross Co in New England, the same company that has supplied pens for every president since Gerald Ford.

In addition to the gold plating, the pens in the Oval Office also feature Donald Trump’s signature and the presidential seal.

Andy Boss, manager of business gift sales at A.T. Cross Co, told the newspaper: “To me it doesn’t matter if the president is a Republican or a Democrat. Just having a president using our pens is pretty cool.”

Of course, Donald Trump is known for his love of gold, so much so that Caviar released a gold-plated iPhone 7 featuring an engraving of his likeness and the Great Seal of America following his election victory.

The company was reportedly selling the phone for 197,000 roubles (approximately £2,387), making it a little cheaper than the version available with President Putin’s likeness engraved on it.

If you want to bring a bit of glamour to your stationery, you could send your favourite pens to be spruced up by a gold plating service.