Gold Stash Uncovered In Antique Piano

Most of us dream about stumbling across a treasure trove, but one family in Shropshire has done just that.

After being given an antique piano, the new owners sent it to be repaired and tuned, when the piano tuner discovered something amazing – a hoard of gold hidden inside the piano.

Although details of the stash are being kept vague, it’s understood that it was hidden in the piano sometime within the last 110 years.

When they were told what had been found in the instrument, the family took the cache to the Ludlow Museum Resource Centre, where experts were stunned at what they saw.

In a statement, the British Museum described the find as “highly unusual in nature being substantially made of gold”.

The aim is to try and find the original owner of the items, while an inquest is being held to determine whether the stash can officially be classed as treasure.

The piano itself was made by Broadwood & Sons of London in 1906, but there’s no record of who owned it until 1983 when it was sold to a family in the Saffron Walden area of Essex. Its current owners were given the instrument.

Now the aim is to try and find the person – or family of the person – who hid the gold items, otherwise they will belong to the Crown.

Last year a man whose grandfather had given him some old coins to play with when he was a boy discovered that they were in fact incredibly rare gold coins worth £250,000.

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