Will Gold Surge In Popularity Following Prince’s Gift?

Any of us with an interest in fashion and design trends will watch red carpets and the world’s celebrities for ideas as to what’s going to be the next big thing.

While gold has been making a steady comeback in our affections of late, its popularity could receive a further boost following the news that Prince Harry has given girlfriend Meghan Markle a gold and diamond ring, which she’s been seen wearing on her thumb.

According to news reports, she’s been freely talking about who the gift came from, and has revealed that it’s slightly too big, so she’s worried about losing it.

The simple gold and diamond band is an elegant piece that many women would be happy to wear every day and it could inspire you to introduce a bit of gold to your jewellery and accessories.

You don’t need to have a prince’s budget to add some stylish gold pieces to your wardrobe – in fact, you could look at what you already have that is a bit neglected. Sending an item or two to be gold plated could give them a new lease of life and bring you on trend.

Earlier this year we reported on the rising popularity of gold in the world of fashion, with a number of celebrities spotted in the precious metal in recent months. Among them were Paris Jackson, who wowed in a little black dress adorned with gold embroidery at the Fashion Los Angeles Awards.

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