Brits Sell Over 2.5 Million Gifts Over Christmas

Christmas Day and Boxing Day have been a busy period for one online trading website, with over 2.5 million items being traded on the 25th and 26th December.

Musicmagpie revealed that it saw a record number of music, games, DVDs and tech items traded through its site in just two days.

According to the website, Adele’s 25 was the most traded CD, while Frozen topped the list of most traded DVDs. And it was Call of Duty for the PS4 that the most people swapped for something else to play on their games console.

In terms of tech, the iPhone 6S was the most traded item, no doubt because people had unwrapped newer models this Christmas. The iPhone 6 wasn’t far behind, with the Galaxy 6S and iPhone 5 also making the list. The only piece of tech that wasn’t a mobile in the top five was the Playstation 3.

If you weren’t lucky enough to receive a new iPhone 7 in your stocking, and are looking for a way to revamp your existing model, you could consider using gold plating services to give it a bit of extra sparkle.

But it isn’t just technology that we’re offloading after Christmas. The Telegraph revealed that in 2015, the most listed items on eBay on Christmas Day included perfume, soaps and lotions, women’s necklaces and vacuum cleaners.

Gold plating could also be an option if you want to change the appearance of any jewellery you were given over the festive period.