24 Karat: Are Your Pets Worth It?

Gold plating services are a perfect way to use a bit of luxury to show how precious someone or something is to you and for many people this extends to their pets too. Tags, bowls – in fact, almost any pet paraphernalia you can think of – they’re certainly the preserve of the pampered pet, but for the majority of British pet-owners, their cats and dogs are much more than just animals.

Recent research from M&S Bank found that 80 per cent think of their pets as part of the family – and even more when it comes to cats and dogs. For cat-owners, the figure sits at 83 per cent, while dog-owners are even more likely to consider their canine pal family at 89 per cent.

It’s no surprise then that for those who have the money, their pets are recipients of just as lavish gifts as their friends and family – whether they appreciate the value or not.

If you need some inspiration of gifts to give to your loyal pet companion, then check out the likes of the Instagram social media account Rich Dogs Of Instagram (@richdogsofIG). Running with the tagline “These dogs have more money than you and this is what they do”, the account is an almost-parody of the Rich Kids Of Instagram account, instead featuring the most pampered pooches on the web, next to luxury cars, beautiful homes and wearing designer brands.

More than a couple of these spoilt dogs has their own gold accessory, so if you’re looking to give your pet the lifestyle of the rich and famous, it’s time to get gold plating!