Real Treasure Found In Boy’s Toy Box

A man whose grandfather gave him old coins to play with as a child has recently made a stunning discovery – one of the coins in that treasure chest is worth an estimated £250,000.


The Hertfordshire resident, who has remained anonymous, happily played with the gold coin as a child, passing it on to his son to do the same.


It wasn’t until he showed the coin to Gregory Tong, coin specialist with auction house Boningtons, that its true value was discovered.


Gregory instantly recognised it as a Queen Anne ‘Vigo’ five guinea gold coin dating from 1703. It is one of only 20 made from gold that the British seized from Spanish ships in Vigo Bay, with only 15 of the 20 known to have survived.


This particular coin is only the sixth of its kind to be offered for sale in the past 50 years, with other examples fetching between £82,000 and £240,000 at auction.


Speaking about the find, the owner commented: “After my granddad passed away I rediscovered the coins and recalled how much I enjoyed them as a boy. So I gave them to my own son to play with.”


We can’t all have rare pirate treasure in our toy boxes, but if you wanted to make a particularly special gift for your children this Christmas you could consider using gold plating services to get some old coins gold plated to bring their treasure chest to life.


And with recently revealing that many people are sitting on a ‘goldmine’ in terms of their possessions, maybe it’s time to hunt out your old toy boxes and see what you can find inside?


The rare Vigo coin will go up for auction on 16 November in Epping.