Traditional Anniversary Gifts By Year

It can be difficult to think of something special to give your spouse every year, which is why following the traditional gift ideas can certainly help inspire you and make it easier.

Here are a few of the most important years to remember:

First Anniversary – Paper

To celebrate 12 months of being married, give your spouse a present made out of paper. This could be book, a framed poem read out at your wedding, a print featuring special moments of your time together, or tickets to an event you can go to.

Tenth Anniversary – Tin / Aluminium

For your tenth anniversary, you need to think of a tin or aluminium gift to give your husband or wife. You could buy some jewellery, or find some matching watches.

Alternatively, you could get a cocktail set and make your spouse a delicious drink on your special night.

Twenty-fifth – Silver

Those lucky enough to celebrate 25 years of marriage will have to think of a silver gift to give their loved ones.

The obvious idea is jewellery, or you could buy a pretty silver ornament to mark the special event.

Fiftieth – Gold

Of course, not many couples make it to 50 years married any more, so it is definitely worth celebrating if you do. The traditional present to receive on a fiftieth anniversary is gold, so think about buying your husband or wife an eternity ring.

If your budget can’t stretch that far, consider gold plating services to avoid having to buy solid gold jewellery.