Top 5 Most Bizarre Gold-Plated Products

We know just how tempting it is to consider gold plating something close to your heart that has serious sentimental value. It’s the perfect way to preserve the treasures that you pick up as you make your way through life. But some people have taken gold plating to a whole other level. Here are five of the strangest items that have ever been gold plated.

Harow’s Skull armchair

French interior company Harow has just brought out a 24-ct gold version of its famed skull armchair. It comes with a multi-faceted back, two ornate front legs and upper teeth forming the base of the chair.

Vacuum cleaner

We’re not sure you’d be happy bringing out this vacuum to do your cleaning each day. What if you scratched it? This gold-plated vacuum cleaner costs an unsurprising £800,000, billing itself as the most expensive vacuum in the world.


What walks down stairs, alone or in pairs? And makes a slinkety sound. A spring, a spring, a marvellous thing! Everyone knows it’s Slinky! Or gold-plated Slinky if you have a spare $99 lying around.


Perhaps not something to leave lying around on the floor with all the rest of the Lego bricks. This one comes with a price tag of $14,449 – but you are investing in a real gold brick, after all.


Who doesn’t want to spoil their kids from time to time? But an 18-ct white gold pacifier (with 279 diamonds, no less), might be pushing the boat out a bit. This can even be customised with your baby’s name, initials, date of birth or birth weight – although you aren’t meant to actually use it as a pacifier. Have it as a keepsake instead.