Would A Gold Vest Motivate You?

Ok, so we’re not talking about a vest made of solid gold (trying to win that would motivate most people, right?). We’re talking about a gold-coloured sports vest that’s being used by a couple of coaches in America to help motivate their teams.

Speaking to Arizona Desert Swarm, Mike Candrea, head coach of the Arizona Wildcats softball team, revealed that he uses a gold jersey to help motivate his players.

He got the idea after seeing Arizona basketball coach Sean Miller using it with his squad, awarding the person who’d had the best week of practice a gold vest to wear for the following week.

Mr Candrea explained he liked the idea of having another way to motivate his players. “Our game is performance-based, but I think the gold jersey is another way of us being able to say ‘here’s the prize every week to prepare yourself and have a great week’,” he stated.

Even if you’re not coaching a professional sports team, you might find it’s useful if you teach, or just coach kids on the weekend, to give them an incentive to do well.

If you really want to add the wow-factor to your incentive, you could pick a small item and send it for gold plating, so that it truly does shine for whoever wins each week.

Gold has been highlighted as a fashion trend to watch this year, so it may not only be sports players who are seen sporting metallic garments. A number of celebrities have been spotted on red carpets wearing golden outfits, including Paris Jackson and Miranda Lambert who both stepped out in glitzy ensembles recently.