Gold Shines In Luxury Bathrooms

We’re sure you’ll agree that sometimes you pop to the bathroom in a bar or restaurant and feel as though you need to take a photo of the stunning interior design employed in a room that’s often forgotten.

Vogue clearly thinks we should all take a bit more time to appreciate the work that goes into these spots, after it shared a post of the “most instagrammable bathrooms” in the UK’s capital.

In what is probably little surprise, some of the stunning bathrooms highlighted by the publication employ gold to full effect.

In Le Gavroche, for instance, gold framed mirrors and antique hand mirrors adorn the marble walls, adding yet more opulence to what’s already a pretty luxurious setting.

Restaurant Ours, meanwhile, uses gold basins and taps to great effect in its bathroom that’s predominantly tiled in baby pink. The gold basins look stunning next to the clean white of the surfaces on either side of it too.

Park Chinois, according to the publication, has a toilet that blends “Moulin Rouge with 1930s Shanghai”. Gold is used alongside deep burgundy and jade to make this a very lavish bathroom indeed.

And if you dine at Isabel, a trip to the bathroom here will allow you to admire the hand-painted wallpaper that features in each stall and, you guessed it, they have a distinctly golden hue.

Introducing more gold to your own interior doesn’t have to require a huge effort, or even a lot of redecoration. The best way to start is by using the precious metal as an accent colour to your wider design. Getting taps, mirror frames or even sinks gold plated could be the perfect way to inject a bit of glamour into your bathroom.

Of course, the ultimate in gold bathrooms is still at the Guggenheim museum, where you can actually pay a visit to an 18-karat gold toilet. As of August 2017, more than 100,000 people had used it, according to UK Business Insider.