Gold Top Of The Christmas Trend List In 2017?

If you have the Midas touch this Christmas with an eye for gold-plating something special for the one you love, you may want to bring your love of precious metals into your holiday decorating theme?

Designer Andrew Pike told the Vancouver Sun that gold in abundance is the perfect foil to the rich greenery of a real Christmas tree.

“Lots of gold, lots of metallic, and really feel like that tension between a fresh green tree, and all that gold and orange is going to be very impactful,” he was quoted as saying.

The designer reminded those inclined to get carried away with their Christmas theme that decorating for the festive season should always be treated as fun, but there is reward in taming some of the “chaos of choice” by choosing a scheme and trying to stick with it.

“Whatever colour, and whatever style, it’s available. I think starting off with a décor scheme, you should find something that speaks to you,” he said.

Pike isn’t the only expert recommending we go gold this Christmas, as editor of design magazine Jones Deb Bibby told the Huffington Post that gold baubles are very much on-trend, especially if used to enhance a more natural theme with a little metallic pizazz.

“In the upcoming issue we have this gorgeous tree with earthy colours and gold baubles,” she revealed, adding that it is fine to love all the bold colours of Christmas like gold, red and green, but it is important to pick just one as the main theme.